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Conquering the New Economy through Networking - How to Mix, Mingle and Schmooze Your Way to Success!
Did you know that 90% of the people attending networking functions aren't actually networking at all? What they are doing is prospecting and that's why they are not enjoying a higher level of success. Unless you know the new networking rules for the new economy, you'll be wasting a lot of time, money, and business cards. You will learn:

  • What networking really is and why most people don't do it
  • How to create meaningful conversations with just about anyone
  • The most powerful FOUR words in networking

Developing the Perfect Branding Statement - How to Let People Know What You Really Do
When somebody asks you what you do for a living, how do you answer? Do you babble out the first answer that comes to your mind or do you have a clever, catchy, and engaging response that will have people literally begging for more information? If you don't have this great answer, you need a branding statement. You will learn:

  • The Greatest Misconception of an Elevator Speech
  • Why Most People Really Don't Care What You Do
  • What TMBW, TMRT, TMI, and LL mean

Get the Job Fast - How to Find a Great New Job in Half the Time
When you are in career transition, all you want to do is find another job as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, searching through job boards and classified ads is not the fast way to find a great new job. The #1 way to find a job fast is by networking and that's exactly what you'll learn how to do with this program. You will learn:

  • The #1 Key to Finding a Great Job
  • What Is Networking and Why You Need to Do It
  • The Four Most Powerful Words in Networking
  • Where to Go, What to Do, and What to Say to Find a Job Fast

Staying Positive in a Negative World - How to Stay Motivated during These Challenging Economic Times
Is your attitude a little down lately? Is the economy making you feel down in the dumps? Starting to wonder if things in your professional and personal life will ever get better? Well, never fear! This workshop is guaranteed to make you feel more upbeat and positive about these current economic times and how to stay that way too! You will learn:

  • Simple Daily Techniques to Make You Feel so Much Better
  • How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts from Creeping into Your Head
  • Effective Ways to Deal with the Negative People in Your Life

Making the Most of Social Media - How to Make It Work for You
You have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn account. SO WHAT! So does my mother and my teenage children. Just because you use social media doesn't mean you're using it correctly. Imagine the impact on your business if you could implement just a few ideas on how to really make the most of social media? You will learn:

  • How to double the size of your contact list in less than two weeks
  • What is the difference between a fan page and a personal page on Facebook
  • The biggest mistake most people make when using social media

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